$51.99 . Enjoy one of the most spectacular autumn displays with Brandywine™ viburnum ( Viburnum nudum ). Deciduous Shrub. The berries are cool though. 4. Native. Price: 19.95 Starts Shipping April 12, 2021. Exposure. Viburnum Lil' Ditty® Description Viburnums are useful for shaded areas and where deer resistance is required, but have usually been too large for some applications. Showy glossy leaves change to incredible dark maroon-red in autumn. Viburnum nudum 'Winterthur' Viburnum - Smooth Witherod 'Winterthur' Smooth Witherod has white flowers, beautiful pink and purple fruit in summer, and burgundy fall color. None of these are native viburnums. Deer resistant, salt tolerant, seasonal interest and easy to care for makes it the perfect plant for the homeowner! See all reviews. The warranty is purchased on a per plant basis and must be purchased at the same time as the plant purchase. 18 Beautiful Deer Resistant Shrubs. Photos by Everett Chu / WSU Skagit County Master Gardeners. Viburnum nudum 'Bulk' Brandywine™ Viburnum. Apply Filter Reset Filter. All rights reserved. While deer resistant, the Brandywine Viburnum actually attracts birds, butterflies, and bees, making for a great addition to any pollinator garden. Up to 8′ tall, 10′ wide. Viburnum carlesii Korean Spice Viburnum deciduous shrub 4′ -7′. This cultivar is a compact form growing about 5 to 6 feet high and wide and it is noted for its large, prolific display of vibrant pink and blue berries (drupes), plus good red fall color. In short, they may not be short! ... Viburnum nudum ‘Brandywine’ has … Viburnum carlesii Korean Spice. Oct 5, 2020 - Proven Winners - Brandywine™ - Viburnum nudum white plant details, information and resources. A landscape favorite, this viburnum has all of the wildlife power of the above two species. Click here for more information on plant container sizes. Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales. I have not seen this newer cultivar yet. They offer so much and have a look all their own. We may ask for photos for documentation purposes but again we’ll try to make it as easy as possible. The white fertile flowers of Brandywine™ ('Bulk') Smooth Witherod appear in summer over glossy dark green leaves. 60 - 72" Spread. “Castle Spire” blue holly A regal accent in the landscape, this blue holly offers dark, glossy leaves, … Botanical Name: Viburnum n. Brandywine™ Courtesy of Proven Winners. Growth Rate. Fragrant. Brandywine Viburnum is a deciduous shrub. A few possible sightings of this pest were reported in 2013 an 2014. About Brandywine™ Viburnum. Viburnum cassinoides; Viburnum cassinoides var. An attractive, compact variety with white spring blooms and attractive fall color. Birds love to feast on the fruit of this Viburnum. Viburnum - Smooth Witherod 'Brandywine' - 3 Gal. The blooms of Korean Spice are noted for their wonderful scent. Blue Muffin® Arrowwood Viburnum. In fall the show really starts, when the glossy green foliage becomes a fiery red, rivalling the color of even the burning bush. 5. Brandywine™ Viburnum Description. A hardy landscape shrub that will make a perfect addition to your garden The fruit pops against a backdrop of colourful fall foliage. They can be a focal point, a blooming hedge or a group of three next to the patio. Simply let us know if your plant has died within one year of receiving it and we’ll get you a new one shipped out. Noted for its breathtaking berry display, Viburnum nudum Brandywine™ (Withe Rod) is a compact, upright, deciduous shrub with a showy foliage of very shiny oval leaves, which turns deep wine-red in the fall. While supplies last. Dimensions: Height: 4 ft. 0 in. 72" 72" Height. We encourage all plant lovers to purchase the Plant Addicts Warranty whether you’re new or an expert. It is a moderate sized shrub, growing up to 6 feet tall. Selected by Bill Frederick, with his usual impeccable taste. Viburnum - Smooth Witherod 'Winterthur' - 3 Gal. Spring brings the emergence of very glossy leaves, and is soon followed by foamy white flower clusters. We put together this helpful guide of what to do when you receive your plants in the mail. Because the leaves are glossy, they seem to shine in the sunlight. Juniper (Juniperus sp.) #showy flowers #deciduous #full sun tolerant #fragrant flowers #shrub #deer resistant #non-native #acidic soil tolerant #fantz #partial shade tolerant # shrub borders. It is best known for its showy fall fruit display of vivid pink and blue fruit. Depending on the above criteria we’ll ship your plant(s) towards beginning of the following week from your order. Cardinal Candy Viburnum will grow to 6 feet tall with a 4-foot spread. St John’s Wort ‘Sunburst’ is a good plant pick for informal hedges and mass plantings, its dusty blue green foliage brings texture and color to a landscape. More Details. Brandywine Viburnum presents one of the most spectacular displays of autumn color available. Viburnum nudum Brandywine™ Viburnum - Smooth Witherod. Attracts Songbirds % Great Foliage. The new growth on versatile Oh Canada™ cranberrybush viburnum emerges a vivid red and resembles a little maple leaf. It blooms on old wood, (the growth from the year before) so no need for pruning unless for a broken or crossed branch. A domestic dog, if allowed to run loose, is also useful. The Plant Addicts Warranty is a 1 year warranty protecting you from all the unknowns and will replace your plant if it moves on to the plant afterlife. … Fruit display in fall is a stunning mix of rosy pink and dark blue, over deep reddish maroon leaves which persist for a long time. Insect & Disease Resistant; Deer Tend to Leave it Alone; A customer favorite and best seller for good reason, the lovely Korean Spice Viburnum (Viburnum carlesii)—also known as Koreanspice—is a wonderfully fragrant, deciduous shrub. Flower Season. $49.99 . We’ll have to review what areas the plants are traveling through along with your location. It delivers loads of breathtaking berries that transform from green to shades of vivid pink and blue. Viburnum nudum Brandywine™ Brandywine™ Viburnum. Brandywine ™ Viburnum nudum (8 REVIEWS) 5. © 2021 Prides Corner Farms. Gorgeous summer and fall foliage in glossy lush greens and deep reds. 1. Viburnum - Korean Spice - 2 Gal. Once your plant is shipped you’ll receive an email with tracking information. 3. 2. It is a relatively new pest to the Chicago region. Deer resistant and shade tolerant. Viburnum - Leatherleaf - 3 Gal. For more information, please go to our Shipping & Returns page at the bottom of the website. BRANDYWINE™ Viburnum nudum ‘Bulk’ The list was compiled with input from nursery and landscape professionals, Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) Cooperative Extension personnel and Rutgers Master Gardeners in northern New Jersey. Average Water. The following is a list of landscape plants rated according to their resistance to deer damage. Like most viburnums, it is very deer resistant and thrives even in shaded conditions. Showing all 366 results Abelia Grandiflora ... Viburnum dentatum ‘Christom’ Blue Muffin®Arrowwood Virburnum. It delivers loads of breathtaking berries that transform from green to shades of vivid pink and blue. I'm underwhelmed by the size. Fruit display in fall is a stunning mix of rosy pink and dark blue, over deep reddish maroon leaves which persist for a long time. $43.99 . Common Name Brandywine Viburnum Current Size 2 GAL pot Hardiness Zone 5 Mature Height 5-6' Mature Spread 5-6' Site produced by Clarity Connect, Inc. Click here to continue your ordering session, Berries transform from green to shades of vivid pink and blue, Great companion pollinator for 'Winterthur', Showy glossy leaves change to dark maroon-red in autumn. Brandywine™ viburnum has good berry production even without another pollinator nearby; it is useful for ensuring fruit production on 'Winterthur,' however. Buy Brandywine™ Viburnum online. So we will do everything in our power to do so. I bought this brandywine viburnum when I saw this on pinterest researching unique native plants. Viburnum d. Blue Muffin® Available Soon. Apply Filter Reset Filter. The berries are so cool, plus it says this plant is easy to care for since its native. In Stock. Buy Brandywine™ Viburnum online. I was hoping to use them to screen the crawl space under a deck and keep them mostly below the open railings- instead they have grown the expected height plus the height of the railing (and more) obscuring the view from the deck. Viburnum nudum 'Brandywine' Viburnum. Part Sun to Sun; The optimum amount of sun or shade each plant needs to thrive: Full Sun (6+ hours), Part Sun (4-6 hours), Full Shade (up to 4 hours). Deer resistant, Heat tolerant, Native, Cut flower. Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm EST 3705 New Bern Ave. Raleigh, NC 27610 Phone: (919) 231-6161 Fax: (919) 231-7688 $49.99 . CARE. Deer Resistant Attracts Birds. It is important to know that all of our plants are clearly labeled for which growing zones the plant can survive in. It can be rounded, lance-shaped or toothed, smooth, velvety, or rough. Brandywine has a good deal of ornamental appeal, perfect for a variety of landscaping areas. It is also wet site tolerant and deciduous. If the plant is dead, has dried out roots or the incorrect item was shipped just notify Plant Addicts within 3 days upon delivery. Previously viburnums were included in the plant family Caprifoliaceae; however, recently they have been moved into the family Adoxaceae, along with elderberries (Sambucusspecies). Viburnums are relatively deer-resistant shrubs. Height/Spread: There is a wide range of sizes, from a few dwarf varieties like Viburnum opulus ‘Nanum’ at just under 3 feet, to large species like V. seiboldii that may reach 20 feet tall. It is a relatively new pest to the Chicago region. harbisonii; Viburnum cassinoides var. Cannot be applied to previous orders. Special Order Colors: 8 weeks - this is due to the planter being custom made with the color(s) of your choice, Please Note: On special orders there can not be any cancellations. Viburnum - Linden 'Cardinal Candy' - 3 Gal. Viburnum (Viburnum davidii), Spurge (Euphorbia), Wall flower (Erysimum), and Japanese Holly (Ilex crenata). Whether you just want to block off an ugly view, dampen noise or you just desire a space that is all yours and yours alone, sometimes you just want your privacy. Tolerates Wet Area. Landscape Use. But now is a good time to think about making room for this lovely plant in your landscape planning. Find more deer-resistant plants for your garden Rutgers University maintains an online list of landscape plants graded according to their resistance to deer. As a whole, the Brandywine Viburnum requires fairly little care for it to thrive. Limited time only. It tends to grow in an overall upright and rounded overall fashion. However, when you consider Brandywine Viburnum's spring flowers, form, colorful foliage, deer resistance and hardy nature—it's easy to see that this phenomenal shrub is a must-have for almost any landscape. A choice shrub for nonstop color. Zones: Zones 2-11, depending on variety. Calycanthus floridus or Sweet Shrub (also called Carolina Allspice) This native shrub has fragrant blooms which have been described as combining hints of pineapple, strawberry and banana. 1. Mar 27, 2020 - Proven Winners - Brandywine™ - Viburnum nudum white plant details, information and resources. Just wish the plants were larger. BRANDYWINE ™ grows best in a full sun to part shade location in moist, well drained, loose soil. Again, our #1 priority is to ship the plants to you healthy and ready to thrive in your location. Summer Bloomer. Best pollination results are achieved by planting it with V. 'Winterthur'. Showy glossy leaves change to incredible dark maroon-red in autumn. The pink and blue berries alone set it apart as a uniquely beautiful shrub. We planted a Korean spice viburnum (V. carlesii) and a lacecap viburnum (V. plicatum) nearby. There are many variables outside our control and yours that can cause the demise of your plant(s). Berries may even persist into winter. Awards Long Island Gold Medal Program; MOBOT Tried and Trouble-free. Brandywine Viburnum is one of those must have plants with multi-colored jewel like berries, glossy leaves and deep, dark, red fall color! It also boasts a strong immunity to most diseases, and pests generally do not pose a concern. The list was compiled with input from nursery and landscape professionals, Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) Cooperative Extension personnel, and Rutgers Master Gardeners in … Rich deep red fall foliage gives this easy to grow shrub three season interest. We put together this helpful guide of, what to do when you receive your plants in the mail. A PROVEN WINNERS ® COLORCHOICE ® Flowering Shrub. Viburnums are mostly moderate- to fast-growing plants. White lacecap flowers in mid-late spring. $50.99 . Viburnum, Brandywine Buy Any 3 Perennial Plants or Bulbs & Save 20% Buy Any 3 Perennial Plants or Bulbs & Save 20%. Rounded flowers start a red pink color and open to white. Color: White Shades Height: 4-5 Feet Spread: 4-5 Feet Zone: 5-9 What is my zone? Plant Addicts guarantees your plant(s) will arrive happy and healthy, but the plant(s) are being shipped through the mail and accidents happen. VIBURNUM - BRANDYWINE™ Viburnum Type: SHRUBS Zone 5-9 Height: 5-6' Spread: 5-6' Bloom: April-May Sun Needs: Full/Part Sun Description: Proven Winners® White flowers, berries are green to shades of pink and blue, will fruit without a pollinator, glossy foliage is dark maroon red in the fall.