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A Charity Drive to end Multiple Sclerosis
December 2006

LCMS Donated $6,200 to the National MS Society

Laps to Conquer M.S., Inc. (LCMS), donated the $6,200 of "spare pocket change" collected during this year's drive to end multiple sclerosis to the National MS Society.

First on the drive was, as usual, the One Lap of America (OLOA)-but with a difference!

Five weeks before the OLOA, Laps to Conquer M.S., Inc. (LCMS), had sponsors but no car to use. Every manufacturer or dealer asked said no. It seemed that LCMS needed another way to show that an MS diagnosis changed - not ended - a person's life while still increasing MS awareness through motorsports.

But Wayne, my son and our LCMS teammate, wanted to go. He offered his least valuable car, a 1990 Geo Metro Wagon to use - he has my insanity. It's the smallest, most basic, least powerful car LCMS ever used - a true economy car.

Wayne was sure - fingers crossed - "Hoopty" could do it. We asked if it had a cigarette lighter; it had one. He added a five-plug extender to the cigarette lighter and hoped the alternator would handle it. My scooter fit without laying the back seat flat.

When Hoopty needed a muffler, Wayne had to force-fit an aftermarket, junk yard muffler on it-it's loud! At an early fuel stop, we found that the radio was on full volume; with the windows down-no A/C (surprised?) - the exhaust was louder inside than outside! The magnetic decals needed more tape - the passing traffic lifted them, but none were blown off.

Hoopty lived its life in South Jersey, so the first test was crossing the Appalachians - practice for the promised OLOA crossing of the Rockies. Hoopty made it all the way from home to South Bend, IN.

Registration day many speculated about whether we were seriously using Hoopty - after all the new cars LCMS had used - or if it could possibly finish.

Hoopty started off good by giving two surprises: 1) how far it leaned without rolling over and; 2) it wasn't last!

But, there was a problem. During the first night transit, Wayne noticed that truckers were annoyed by Hoopty's headlights. When running alone, the road ahead wasn't lit, so he tried the high-beams. The high-beams lit the overhead power lines! The next day, Hoopty's headlights were readjusted AFTER loading it.

Wayne drove half of the track events-it was HIS car! David drove morning events, Wayne drove afternoon events. Wayne did well.

Hoopty trailed the field on over-the-road transits, so we missed most of the severe travel weather. The fight for our finishing position - Dead-Last-But-Running - was harder and MORE FUN than any of LCMS mid-pack Sedan class finishes.

See the pictures and whole story at: LCMS also got pictures and a paragraph in the August Car and Driver OLOA story.

LCMS was the event charity for three Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) races. First was the August 18 - 19 Pocono Sports Car Grand Prix, races held at Pocono International Raceway, Long Pond, PA. Over 220 race drivers competed in seven (7) races each day to qualify for North East division SCCA national class championships.

Second was the October 6 - 7 Last Chance Drivers' School Enduro and Regional Races held at Watkins Glen (NY) International. Last was the October 27 - 28 Great Pumpkin Affair Enduro and Regional Races held at the Nelson Ledges (OH) Road Racing Circuit.

Merry Christmas Everyone. We'll see you somewhere down the road!

Thank you, to the Sponsors who fuel the drive to end MS:

Dominion Title Services, Inc. Vineland, N.J. 856.691.6783
Audubon Environmental, Inc., Marlton, NJ 609.268.3690
Sunoco Race Fuels, Marcus Hook, PA 800.722.3427
Matt's Automotive Service, Gloucester City, NJ 856.456.0035
Westbrook-RockHill Foundation, LaMott, PA 215.635.7294
Signs-by-tomorrow, Marlton, NJ 856.596.9626
Dutch Dryden     Stephen Wasley     Meg Meyer
Thank you, to the Donors to the drive & the Friends of LCMS

Personally -

David & Rich Smith repeated, for the 5th year, as NESCCA Enduro Race Series Champions.
David's granddaughters; Abby, 5 in Kindergarten, Sami, 3 in pre-K, & Leda, 2 , charm us.
Fay's grandsons; Dylan, 16 in 11th grade, Caelan, 8 in 2nd grade, & Tristan, 4 in pre-K, entertain us.

P O Box 94, Lenni, PA 19052
phone: 610.566.4795