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Welcome to the LCMS 2004 One Lap of America Page

These updates are brought to you by SunGard Availability Services, who kindly donated a laptop, and an air card.

The pictures to the left are just the thumbnails. They are in approximate time order (oldest first). Click on the 2004 One Lap Gallery link to see them with captions.

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LCMS 1 Lap - The Finish - Saturday May 8

Everyone else hoped for good weather this year at Road America after last year's rain, fog and cold. We would have been happy with just rain to go with the Rainier's All Wheel Drive. We got bright sun, high 40+ degrees and brutal wind - almost as steadily strong as the wind that blew away my LCMS Dominion Title jacket at Pueblo. (I forgot to mention that, didn't I? - blame it on lack-of-sleep.) David Teal started his first run at Road America expecting to have fun and do well. Then the brake pedal started going down too far before engaging the brakes. He finished the run 62nd overall. One of the really great things about the 1 Lap is that the competitors all very willingly help each other. Glen Dodd, builder and one of the drivers of the #82 Blazer that was beating us, bled the Rainier's front brakes between the morning and afternoon sessions. It didn't help much. David was 66th in the afternoon& - our overall position coming into Road America - so we remained in 66th overall.

I treated my drivers to a proper meal after we left Road America, at what happened to be a popular, Friday night family meal place. Kids outnumbered adults 2-1, but it was good food - or maybe it was good because it wasn't eaten from our laps in the Rainier. A 236-mile, 4-hour drive got us to showers and beds in South Bend. Still, the wake-up calls felt too early this morning. The LCMS team had breakfast at the “Pancake House” - everything fresh-made - then went to Tire Rack for the last competition, the dry skid pad event. David's finish here kept us 66th overall. The South Jersey Region, Sports Car Club of America, team of JD King and John King finished respectably - JD drove with us in the late 90's and knew the event well. Mike Sokalsky with his son Eliot and Richard Kessler, had Mike's car break after the first event of their first 1 Lap. They rented another car to follow the event, then picked up their repaired car to finish the event - true Lappers! SJR wannabes Mike Demers, Richard Wells and Jon Anderson had their modified Impala break after Hallett and drove on home to South Jersey - they'll fix it for next year. Check the full results at

The LCMS Dominion Title Sunoco Audubon Services GM Mobility Rainier ran well the whole 5,800+ miles - including track miles - that we drove it. The decals - all on magnetics - were taken off after the 1 PM Awards Banquet. The keys were left at Tire Rack and GM Mobility will reclaim the Rainier Monday. Good byes were said to all and promises to do it all over again next year were made by everyone. All the first-time Lap Pups are now seasoned Lappers.
Thanks for following Fay's 18th 1 Lap here. LCMS plans to do her 19th next year - God willing. Check this website for news.

These loyal sponsors make it possible for LCMS to increase multiple sclerosis awareness through motorsports:
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LCMS 1 Lap - Hot to Cold - Friday May 7

This is the next-to-last day of my 18th 1 Lap - and I'm not winning this one either! During lunch yesterday, I had a first - a doctor made a trackside call to look at my sore foot. The 1 Lap has four doctors spread over two teams this year. They all have competed many times over the life of the 1 Lap and the two that we are friendly with are in the Blazer that is beating us. I had a foot paining me, so we asked the teaching, trauma doctor if he would make a trackside-call; he did. In a cafeteria, corner my foot was examined while everyone else got and ate lunch. Neither surgery/amputation nor drugs were called for, just some padding for under the pained foot. The fine folks at Hallett Motorsports Park donated two foam stadium seat pads to the cure and a pad was made to ease the pain. It's helping.

We got to bed last night in Shebogan, Wisc., at 5 AM after the 866-mile run from Oklahoma, and asked for a 7 AM wake-up call. Now we are at a chilly, windy Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. It is a relief to get away from the heat we had at the last three tracks - especially 102-degree Las Vegas. The 50+ degree temperature would be really good if the wind wasn't so strong and constant. I'm hiding in the media center where I can plug in the laptop and work on this update, while David Teal gets to run one of his favorite tracks with the LCMS Dominion Title Sunoco Audubon Environmental GM Mobility Rainier. At Hallett yesterday, David was 56th his first run and 58th his second keeping us at 66th overall. I have not mentioned the SUV/Truck Class standings because the LCMS Rainier has been 5th in the 5-car class since the 1st competition at the Tire Rack skid pad. It is discouraging that, while David's second run is usually a faster time than the first, we remain 5th in class - we just can't beat that Blazer-on-Corvette-platform, the Dodge Ram 1500 (a street-legal NASCAR truck), the Dodge Ram SRT-10 (with Viper V-10 engine), or the Subaru XT in the SUV/Truck Class.

Next update will give results from Road America and the final event, the dry skid pad run at Tire Rack, back where it all started from just a week ago. Doesn't seem like it's been that long but after this evening's run of 236 miles from Elkhart Lake back to South Bend, Indiana we will have covered over 5600 miles in 8 days thru cold (31 degrees), hot (104 degrees), rain, and windy conditions. Just a normal 1 Lap.

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LCMS 1 Lap - Catching Up - Thursday,May 6

Sorry I missed a day sending an update - blame sleep-deprivation. David Teal finished 62nd for his second run at Las Vegas Speedway putting LCMS 64th overall. Then we drove east, through the night, got to the motel at 4 AM and asked for a 7 AM wake-up call. Fortunately the guys get to lie down to sleep in the Rainier when they aren't driving. Fay sleeps sitting up in the passenger seat. Last night's trip took us through some great scenery and a full moon allowed us to see it - if we were awake. Interstate 70 crossing the Rockies goes almost to the top of a mountain, then tunnels through it at over 11,000 feet. Snow still covers a lot of the area.

Next was Pueblo Motorsports Complex, in Pueblo, Colorado. It was a neat little municipal complex down a narrow, one-mile road. It also has a drag strip and a 1/4 midget track. David says it's a fun, little club racetrack. His first run was 54th, his second was 57th which moved us to 66th overall in the event. I know, I know, we did better but our overall position went up. This happens because of who we finish better than and who finishes better than us. It should all even out at the end and we hope to finish in the lower 60's. That would not be all that bad considering we have a stock Buick Rainier and most of the cars running are either much faster (Corvettes and Porsche's) or modified or both. We finished at Pueblo, after surviving a fierce but short dust storm, (David was staged on the front straight ready for his run), then drove 570 miles to sleep for 4 hours in Perry, Oklahoma.

Today we're at Hallett Motorsports Park about 40 miles west of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the track can be run in both directions. The morning runs are counter-clockwise, the afternoon runs are clockwise. This is special since most tracks can't be raced in both directions and be safe doing it. We have been here several times since 1989. The track owners enjoy us being here and all the competators enjoy come to Hallett. The One Lap in the past has tried to run this track in the clockwise direction but this is the first time we will actually be doing it. David's looking forward to what will essentially be a brand new track for him this year. I'm staying out of the sun working on this in the cafeteria. As soon as David finishes his afternoon run we get up the road to Road America at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. Just a short(?) 866 mile run. The end is near as tomorrow is the next to last day of this year's One Lap. David is really looking forward to the Road America track as it's his favorite track. So let's hope he does well and we can come in with a good finish.

More LCMS updates to come from down the road.

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LCMS 1 Lap - Sleep, PLEASE! - Monday, May 3

Saturday at Pikes Peak Int'l Raceway, David Teal finished 58th and 63rd for his two runs. David says the Rainier doesn't hook-up as he wants. He's going to work with tire pressures to try to hook-up better. The Dominion Title Sunoco Audubon Environmental GM Mobility Rainer is now 66th overall. Then the LCMS team had a sit-down meal in Cheyenne, Wyoming, to fortify us for the long drive ahead. Then came the 1302-mile run to Infineon Raceway. Ron Pizer has now driven through three new states to him - but he didn't see any of them in daylight.

We got in to Infineon Raceway at 10:30 AM Pacific time, after driving through Sacramento rush-hour traffic. We crossed the Donner Pass after sunrise and saw some spectacular scenery. It was hot and sunny there and I found a cool garage to work on this update. We get only one run of 5 laps there and David was one of the last run groups. David was 60th for his run, but we're still 66th overall. The tire pressure change works. Next we made a short 603-mile run to Las Vegas arriving at 2:30AM - and asking for a 7 AM wake-up call!

We got to Las Vegas Motor Speedway in time to unload then send David for his first run here. He had a good first run. David says that he is starting to understand the handling of the Rainier and it's getting more comfortable to drive fast. The tire pressures are about right now.

The SJR team of J.D. King and John King are doing very well, 35th overall and 6th in class. Mike Sokalsky's team is still with 1 Lap, he gets to run all the tracks but isn't scored--in the 1 Lap the vehicle is the entrant, theirs wasn't a quick fix so they're in a replacement vehicle.

I had a computer scare here. When I turned it on it gave me a strange message. David and Ron left me with it and the cell phone. I called LCMS webmaster and computer IT person, Meg Meyer. Her advice had this computer up 10 minutes later. THANK YOU, MEG.

After our second run here at Las Vegas we will be doing a 786 mile run to Pueblo Motorsports Park in Pueblo, Colorado. Gee weren't we just there 2 days ago? Yes just up the road at Pikes Peak, about 40 miles away. Oh well, that's the chaos of One Lap. Just a little side trip to California.

More LCMS updates to come from down the road. The updates brought to you by SunGard Availability Services.

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LCMS 1 Lap - WINS! - Sunday, May 2, 2004

LCMS driver Ron Pizer WON the 1 Lap Heartland Park bracket drags yesterday! Everyone is congratulating Ron. Instead of champagne, because we all had to drive on down the road, Linda and Peggy sprayed Ron with spring water! David Teal's road course finishes there were 53rd and 62nd making LCMS 65th overall. The celebration dinner was burgers and fries in the Rainier as we drove on out of Kansas. A long drive (532 miles) on a moonlit night got the team to bed in Colorado Springs at a reasonable-by-1 Lap-standards 2 AM.

The 1 Lap is at Pikes Peak Int'l Raceway today for two road course events. LCMS is one of four South Jersey teams on this year's 1 Lap; three are also South Jersey Region, SCCA members. J D King and John King are in Luxury Sedan with an Audi S4 and are doing well. Mike Sokalsky, Richard Kessler and Eliot Sokalsky started in a Mercedes Benz 190 E, had fatal transmission trouble after leaving the start and rented a Mercury Mountaineer to follow the 1 Lap along. Mike Demers, Richard Wells and Jon Martin are in Mid-Priced Sedan with a Chevrolet Caprice that has had differential trouble. It's been fixed and they are back with us. More on how these teams are doing as we go on.

I am looking out the back window of the Rainier as we are traveling west on I80 in Wyoming at 85 MPH and the view is pretty spectacular. There are several mountains around us and the higher ones are snowcapped. There will be more to come the further west we go and hopefully it will still be light to see them. One thing about the One Lap is that most of the travel is at night and therefore most of the scenery is hidden but even going thru mountain passes you get the feeling of hugeness all around you. And out here in the West there is nothing but BIG!!

This is our longest leg of the One Lap this year. We will travel 1302 miles this night thru five of our western states finally, and hopefully safely, arriving in the Napa Valley of California. Our destination is Infineon Raceway, formerly known as Sears Point. The One Lap hasn't been to this track since 1989 where the newly formed team of Laps to Conquer M.S. competed in it's very first event on the One Lap. Happy memories, since after running a regularity run we left the track in the lead that first year. It will be nice to be back to the track again and see all the changes that have been made.

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LCMS 1 Lap--Getting Started - Saturday, May 1, 2004

We slept in Friday. Ron Pizor got up early to drive from his home near Akron, Ohio, to the South Bend, Indiana, start. From noon, when the three of us met, until we were on the road at 7 PM, things were busy. The last required decals were put on the Dominion Title Sunoco Audubon Environmental GM Mobility Buick Ranier. It passed technical inspection and David Teal drove the first competition, a wet skid pad at the Tire Rack headquarters. David was 63rd of the 82 cars running. His skid pad g-load computed to 0.663 g's. Then we drove 675 miles through 4 states to be at Heartland Park in Topeka, Kansas, for today's competition. Ron knew he was on the 1 Lap because it was dark, it was raining and he was driving!

The schedule today is morning and afternoon on the road course, followed by a bracket drag race--if it doesn't rain. A road course event is a recon lap from pit out to start/finish, then a timed 3 lap run from standing start to flying finish. David does the road courses, Ron does the drags. David's morning run here was 53rd overall.

More updates to come from LCMS from down the road. All updates are brought to you by SunGard Availability Services.

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LCMS 1 Lap - Getting Started - Thursday, April 29, 2004

Laps to Conquer M.S., Inc., is competing in Fay Teal's 18th Tire Rack One Lap of America. It is the 16th for LCMS and the 15th for David Teal. Ron Pizor, the third team member, is doing his fifth 1 Lap; he's still new at this. The 1 Lap will travel 5,600 miles in 8 days through 13 states and stop at 8 tracks for timed competitions. Daily results can be found at

LCMS is using a Buick Ranier from GM Mobility. It was delivered to us this morning at the main Tire Rack location in South Bend, Indiana. After having tires mounted, we spent the rest of the day meeting old friends and new and finding the other three South Jersey teams. We are in the SUV/Truck class with five others; some of them have had work done - like the Blazer on an LT1 platform!

Now for some sleep before tomorrow when we greet Ron, get more decals for David to put our speed demon Ranier, go thru tech inspection, have a driver's meeting, and a 4 PM start! Our first event will be a wet skid pad run three laps in each direction and then off on a 636 mile run thru the night to Heartland Park in Topeka, Kansas.

More updates will come from down the road.

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