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Saturday, May 13 - Total 3,932 miles

Event 19: 52nd OA / 10th Class on Tire Rack's dry(?) skid pad. (see photo # 24)

It rained this morning. This time the run-order is last-place-through-first-place. The last-half (slower) of the Lappers dried-off the skid pad for the first-half (faster) Lappers. David and the Dominion Title Audubon Environmental Sunoco Baglier Mazda led OA for about 7 minutes.

Final: 65th OA / 12th Mid Priced Class.

The Mazda6 did the best it could. And I got to finish my 20th One Lap. (see photo # 25) The weather moved the afternoon Awards Lunch from last Friday's tent into the warehouse. The food was as good indoors as it has always been outdoors. All the 1 Lappers applauded themselves for finishing. Awards were given to the top 10 Overall and to the top 3 in each class. There was a beautiful floral bouquet on the trophy table. (see photo # 26) Part way through his presentations, Brock Yates paused to acknowledge a 1 Lap milestone. (see photo # 27) Cannonball gave me the bouquet, in its engraved crystal vase, for my 20-year 1 Lap participation. The presentation was followed with my fellow-Lappers giving me a standing ovation. I'm still speechless about it. (see photo # 28) It was so great that my husband and son were there with me for it. With the awards handed out, everyone said goodbyes to each other before leaving. Many said they expect me to run again next year. I have run the 1 Lap in spite of my multiple sclerosis for many years. The MS cures are coming soon. Time will tell.
David and Wayne loaded me and our gear into the Mazda by 4pm for the trip back to Chief at BeaveRun. The mom-and-son struggle for domination is still a draw! Wayne had a great time. He says he will do 1 Lap again - without the British-exchange-Navigator.

I hope everyone enjoys this late account of LCMS' 2005 1 Lap. Please accept my apology. Now that the story is told, LCMS is busy scheduling appearances for the LCMS Dominion Title Baglier Sunoco Mazda.-watch for it in your area.

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Friday, May 12 - Total 3,697 miles

Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI, is another historical road-circuit that has been in use since 1955. Still raining - Wayne carried me in last night and out this morning. We left our baggage at the cabin - it's 1 mile from track and we pass by it as we leave track. I stayed in the media/concession center at track where there was heat, food and people, but no rain or wind. We met the cabin-owner, Jim, and learned why the bunks are queen-size - he's a 7'1" ex-basketball player!

Frankie's daddy took him back; they are going to Frankie's step-sister's college graduation, not to the 1 Lap finish. Wayne got rid of one step-sibling but still must put-up with the British-exchange-Navigator until we get home.

Event 17: 56th OA / 9th Class; Event 18: 51st OA / 10th Class.

David likes this track. Jim and Wayne got good shots. (see photos # 21 - 23)
We stopped at the cabin to get our things and thank Jim, again. We had another proper restaurant dinner as there was plenty of transit-time allowed so we could avoid Chicago rush-hour traffic.

We got to the South Bend motel by 10:45pm. David and I went to bed; Wayne went to talk to the others as they came in.

Thursday, May 11 - Total 3,346 miles

Putnam Park, Mount Meridian, IN: In the rain-I stayed inside the Control/Media/Concession building all day, visiting with everyone. Wayne found cover to swap the Mazda's front and rear tires. He found that the Mazda needs front brake pads. We have the pads but we need a tool to change them - it is handy having a riding mechanic.

Event 13: 20th OA / 7th Class; Event 14: 60th / 10th.Class.

David and the Mazda6 like the rain. Wayne didn't try his photographic skills in the rain but the afternoon run was dry. (see photo # 19 & 20).


Bummer, we hoped to do well at the Bracket Drags. Oh well, lets eat in a restaurant.

We found a parts store and got the needed tool. Then we ate dinner at the same place we ate in 1996 - it's still good. We met a waitress whose Dad races on ovals and she wants to race, too. We wished her good luck and headed for Wisconsin. It started raining north of Chicago.

At 10:30pm (early!) we got to the cabin offered to 1 Lappers by Jim McIlvaine, who is interested in and wants to run 1 Lap. He is a photographer who takes pictures of us Lappers when we come to Road America. The cabin sleeps 8 and was offered on the 1 Lap bulletin board. I ask for it first and we're sharing with the second team to ask for it. It is a beautiful, 4-yr-old log cabin that has a master suite, with a full bath, and a three queen-size-bed bunk room with a shower room, and a heated garage we can use for auto repairs if needed - Wayne did the brakes immediately. The other team's 4-man-documentary crew shared the cabin with us; they got in at 11:30pm. See their 1 Lap coverage at Thanks to Jim and a short transit, we all were showered and in bed earlier than any other night this 1 Lap!

Wednesday, May 10 - Total 2,722 miles

Virginia International Raceway in Alton is a great, historical road-circuit with excellent amenities and food that had great weather for us 1 Lappers. No one needed his help so Wayne napped. He takes after me; he can sleep anytime or anywhere.

Linda Cheatham came to visit 1 Lappers here. She and her sister Peggy Moore couldn't run this year - life got in their way. They will be back with us next year.

Event 10: 68th OA / 13th Class; Event 11: 63rd OA / 12th Class; Event 12: 64th OA / 12th Class.

David hoped that his racing experience on this track would help more than it did. He and the Mazda6 are doing well against cars that we know are stock. (see photos # 16 & 17)

The sibling issues get worse: foster-bear Frankie smugly absorbs Wayne's verbal abuse because HE (Frankie) gets to ride along on all hot laps (see photo # 18); the British-exchange-navigator tries to sabotage Wayne by telling him to turn while on a section of road with no intersections and by telling him he is off-route often!

We got to the Indiana motel and to bed by 2am.

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Tuesday, May 9 - Total 2,288 miles

Roebling Road, Bloomingdale, GA: In the Dry this year-it rained hard here last year. David's doing well but it's obvious we're stock. I parked in the covered, screened patio, with the laptop computer, to catch-up my notes for this narrative.

Event 7: 64th OA / 11th Class. Event 8: 72nd OA / 12th Class. (see photos # 9 - 13 of some of our competition (click on next to see photos 10-13) + me working # 14) David's afternoon times are always faster, but the prepared cars get even quicker in their afternoon runs than the stock cars do.

Wayne replaced # 82's steering column between their morning and afternoon runs - this was not an easy 1 Lap for them. Wayne took time-off from his auto repair shop to travel with his mom, fix cars and photograph his step-dad doing hot-laps!?!

A 35-mile back-track got 1 Lappers to the grand-opening of Tire Rack's Midway GA, warehouse. Tire Rack had food and a boxed meal-to-go for 1 Lappers.

193 miles north of there got Lappers to the Florence, SC, 4/10 mile semi-banked asphalt oval.

Event 9: 69th OA / 13th Class. (see photo # 15)

We got to the Virginia motel at 2am. They thought we weren't coming, gave our reserved Handicapped room to someone else AND were about to cancel our reservation!

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Monday, May 8 - Total 1,571 miles

No Problem Raceway, Belle Rose, LA: It was really hot and humid. I found shade where I caught whatever breeze blew.

Event 5: 60th OA / 8th Class. Event 6: 57th OA / 10th Class. David and the Mazda6 did well. Wayne's getting better with the camera but had no good place to take pictures here. (see photo # 8)

Wayne helped with Car # 82's - the "Good Ole Boys" - wiring. The Amanda's-2 racecar drivers both of them named Amanda in Car # 63 - put a blue feather boa on me and anointed me "1 Lap Track Queen".

After 3pm the breeze stopped. Everyone near me had gone, I felt nauseous or faint. Wayne found me after David's run. They loaded me into the air-conditioned Mazda. Dr Mike, of Car # 82, checked me and declared me OK - or as OK as any of us Lappers can be. As we left, the taller Amanda, also a mechanic, of Car # 63 was fixing Car # 82's wiring.

We got to the Georgia motel by 3am. Wayne's issues with his exchange/foster siblings worsen. David and I always must check that Frankie is with us. (Wayne should be an only child.)

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Sunday, May 7 - Total 558 miles

Mid America Motorsports Park, Pacific Junction, IA: The Mazda, car #94, is 69th in the run-order. David is dismayed, but he thought today's runs were better.

Event 3: 69th OA / 12th Class. Event 4: 69th OA / 12th Class.

This is the 1 Lap's first visit to this track. It is a great track with good amenities - including the food. It was sunny, windy, and chilly. Wayne's second attempt at photographing a moving car is better. (see photo # 6) And he's really good at still life. (see photo # 7)

A 1,013 mile transit to Louisiana got us into a motel, at 3am, showered and to bed. Wayne is really good at driving long transits - but he often argues with the British-exchange-Navigator.

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Saturday, May 6 - Tire Rack & Autobahn

Event 1 - 45th Overall / 6th in Mid Priced Class on Tire Rack's wet skid pad. (see photo # 3)

The cars ran in car-number order. The Sunoco Mazda is car # 94-our request to tie into the LCMS sponsor's gasoline-and there are only 87 cars running this year. David thinks this Mazda6 is as good as last year's. We are among the last to leave for Joliet, IL.

Event 2 - 70th OA / 11th Class at Autobahn Country Club, was to set the run-order for this 1 Lap.

Car # 94 ran last again. David feels that he and the Mazda did their best. Wayne's first attempt at photographing a moving car had predictable results. (see photo # 4) But he gets better. (see photo # 5)

We headed to western Iowa. After 1am. Wayne had just passed the Cannonball photographers' car 25 miles before Council Bluffs, IA, when we both saw in our mirrors, their car lose a headlight and stop. Traffic was very light. Wayne stopped and backed up to them. A deer ran into their car's right-front corner! They were OK, but needed a mile-marker to report to the police. We got them the information. Wayne had cut our projected motel arrival time by hour when he slowed for a cop riding ahead of us, and then we stopped to help the photographers losing the hour. We got to the motel at 2:44am. Wayne's issues with British-exchange-Navigator and foster-Bear, Frankie intensify.

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Friday, May 5 - Registration & Drivers' Meeting, Tire Rack, South Bend, IL

We had breakfast, and then went to the Tire Rack headquarters, about 4 miles away. A stop at a Wal Mart on the way, got Wayne - who hasn't owned or used a camera since age 11 - a digital camera.

Registration was first where we greeted the 1 Lap staff. David and Wayne finished "dressing" the Mazda, with additional required decals, and then took it through 1 Lap inspection.

I spent the morning greeting old friends and meeting new ones. I introduced Wayne to 2 or 3 people, and then he went off meeting cars and people on his own. It was chilly and windy, so I spent ime in the Mazda getting "my room" ready while David and Wayne checked out our fellow - competitors.

Frankie, our foster-Bear joined us. His daddy, Doug McCabe, has no room for him in the Corvette he is in, so Frankie will ride his 3rd 1 Lap with us. (see photo # 1)

The 4pm Drivers meeting was the same as the past 19 that I have attended. Brock Yates, Jr., is speaking easier each year as the 1 Lap leader. (see photo # 2)

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Thursday, May 4

The LCMS Dominion Title Audubon Environmental Sunoco Baglier Mazda6 was dressed and loaded by 1pm. The tent, to hold our stuff when we unload at the racetracks, and the handicapped hangtag, for parking, were left at home! Chief parked in a "storage" site at BeaveRun to await our return.

We were on the road by 2:30pm. We realized 45 minutes later, that the camera was still in Chief! Wayne was stopped on Ohio turnpike before Cleveland! I hoped this was the last of our bad luck.

Wayne had "issues" immediately with the British-exchange-navigator-aka: a global positioning system that rides on the dash telling the driver how to go. Wayne doesn't take direction well.

We got to the South Bend, IN, 1 Lap headquarters motel at 7pm. Other Lappers were at check-in and in the motel parking lot.

Wednesday, May 3

The Laps to Conquer M.S., Inc, effort to compete in my 20th One Lap of America came together later than last year. I was unsure about doing the 1 Lap because of the burden I am to my teammates - I am part of the baggage that gets loaded and unloaded at every track and motel. Things began coming together and everyone I spoke with wanted - and expected - me to run. I get to run my 20th 1 Lap! (If I can get a team together.)

Laps to Conquer M.S., Inc, has a new team member this year; meet my son, Wayne Hickman. None of the past LCMS teammates could run with me and David this year. Someone said "what about Wayne?" We asked him. He said "yes, when is it?" Mom and son will spend quality time together - one of us will beat the other into submission, something we haven't gotten done in the past 40+ years.

Baglier Mazda, of Butler, PA, had a car for LCMS again this year. The week of the One Lap of America start, the car was waiting at BeaveRun Motorsports Complex in western Pennsylvania. We live in eastern Pennsylvania. Wayne was at our place in Media, PA, by 9:30am. We loaded into Chief - our Motorhome - and were on the road by 10:30.

We got to BeaveRun in Wampum, PA at 5pm. Tim Silbaugh, one of the track's owners - and a 4-time 1 Lapper - met us as we got there. The Mazda's key was waiting for us with the guard. Chief was parked and setup by 6pm. We met the new track manager Brian. He let David take Wayne on the track to try out this year's 2004 Mazda6 Sport Wagon. This year's Mazda6 is almost the same as last year's. The difference is the color, it is Charcoal this year - I like it.

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