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2008 OLOA Update 1

Wednesday, April 30

Things came together at the last minute for Laps to Conquer MS to run The Tire Rack One Lap of America. 2008 is the 25th anniversary of One Lap and it will be Fay's 22nd. All the sponsors returned: Dominion Title Services, Audubon Environmental, Sunoco and Matt's Automotive Service. By 11 AM Fay was ready to go-except for the things she forgot! If we're lucky we'll never miss them. David was running one last errand. Wayne got to our house with the Subaru WRX loaned to LCMS by Dominion Title Services. The magnetic decals on curved surfaces were tricky, and the aluminum hood refused to hold any of them! Departure was to be at about noon - we left at 1:30! Dressing the car - took awhile.
By 5:30 PM we were checking into our rooms Irvin, Pennsylvania and meeting Danny and Arlene Yanda for dinner. Danny drove a WRX in 1 Lap, so he had "words of wisdom" for David and Wayne. It was a very pleasant evening with a past teammate and his wife.

Thursday, May 1

After a quick breakfast, we started for South Bend, IN. Both GPS units - ours and Wayne's - said there was time, so we called past teammate Ron Pizor at Summit Racing Equipment. We stopped by to get a tour of their retail store-they are a 1 Lap sponsor-and get the brownies Ron's wife, Darlene, made for us. It was a very good stop - David even got to buy some shop towels to replace the terry towel he forgot.
When we got to the 1 Lap motel Frankie Bear's dad met us. Doug retrieved Frankie from his cage and he is now in the Subie to ride with us on the One Lap. I think some of Darlene's brownies are now missing. We were one of the early teams to get to the motel so we checked in and then kept a watch out for the many entrants and friends as they arrived. Long time One Lapers Matt & Pete showed up and so we had dinner with them. After diner I went back to the room and Wayne and David went to the bar.

Friday, May 2

Registration, Car Inspection (decals, safety gear, etc.) and Driver's meeting day. The day started with heavy mist, then continued with intermittent showers most of the day. We had breakfast with our friends Mark & Dave before going to the Tire Rack for Registration. I hid in the Registration tent while David and Wayne applied the decals to Subie in between showers. Finally they were able to get them all on and then Subie was presented for inspection. She passed - just as I knew she would. I spent my time meeting friends, old and new. Driver's meeting started with the sun finally coming out. Does Brock know somebody we don't? Since this was my 22nd driver's meeting I could have given it myself. Kicker Stereo provided the food and drink afterwards. We then walked around the Tire Rack parking lot looking at the cars and talking to the other One Lappers.
There are 71 cars entered in One Lap this year. Winners of the last 4 years, Mark DaVia and Drew Wikstrom, are back with Mark's 2001 996 Twin Turbo Porsche to try and make it 5 wins in a row. Along with the usual assortment of Vipers, Hondas, Corvettes, VWs, BMWs and a Dodge Challenger SRT-8 there are 2 Mongoose GTP cars. Check out Mongoose Motorsports ( on the web for a full description of these "race cars" for the street.
Our class - Mid-Priced Sedan - has 6 cars entered. Along with our Subaru WRX are 2 Neon SRT-4's, another Subaru Impreza STi (very fast), a BMW 328i, and an Alfa Romeo Milano entered by the guys from Rice University. Yes, the same guys we ran against for last place last year in the Geo Metro. It could be an interesting class struggle again this year.
Tomorrow is the start of the One Lap. A wet skid pad event at Tire Rack and then 235 miles to Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. We need a good night's sleep tonight because we won't get much in the next few days.
Oh yes, there were more brownies missing and a hint of chocolate on Frankie Bear's lips. That bear is sure going to be trouble this year.

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OLOA Update 2

Saturday, May 3 - Skid Pad & Road America

We loaded all of our gear into Subie to drive 4 miles to The Tire Rack where was all unloaded to do the 1st competition. It was a chilly, clear day; I hid in tent where the official team photos were taken. Cars ran in number order; Subie is # 94-last! David drove the Wet Skid Pad event.

Event 1 - 44th Overall of 72 cars

Then everything was put back in Subie to drive 235 miles to Road America, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, where it was unloaded for the 2nd competition. It was cold and overcast. I was left in Subie until she was on the pit lane ready to run. Road America is a track David really likes. Frankie Bear was so excited to be on-track at Road America with David again, that he got out of his seat belt, was jumping up and down and shouting during the run. As we loaded everything up to start the 570 mile drive to the motel in Iowa - we got there at 2 AM - Jim McIlvane stopped by to see us. He owns a very nice cabin close to the track that he let us stay in 2 years ago. It was good to see him; he took pictures of Subie on course.

Event 2 - 48th OA; 4th of 6 in the Mid Priced Sedan Class

Sunday, May 4 - Mid America Motorsports Park

After a short time in bed, we picked up breakfast-to-go on the way to the track. It was sunny and cool; I found a place to hide from both at once. Frankie Bear behaved for these runs. Everything got loaded for the 817 mile ride to Texas - got there at 2:30 AM!

Event 3 - 48th OA; 4th in Class
Event 4 - 47th OA; 4th in Class
48th Overall after 4 Events

Monday, May 5 - Texas World Speedway

We woke up to rain! David is coming down with a cold. TWS is an oval with 2 road courses, both use the start/finish straight of the oval. Did I mention that it is raining - REALLY raining? David gets to test Subie in the rain. The Subie liked the rain. David did real good but Frankie Bear was holding on for dear life since Subie was sideways many times each lap. The drag race scheduled for after TWS was canceled because it was raining there, too. Subie at Texas

Event 5 - 35th OA; 4th in Class
Event 6 - 17th OA; 4th in Class
We are now 41st Overall after 6 Events

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OLOA Update 3

Tuesday, May 6 - No Problem

After Monday's drag race was canceled giving more time to travel the 400+ miles to Louisiana, we took time to stop for dinner. That got us to bed after 2 AM again- lesson learned; no more sit-down meals! Today is not as hot as when we were here 2 years ago but it is as humid - it's Louisiana! When we got to the track, friends had space under cover for me and our gear - we're safe from sun or rain. As the day got warmer, Wayne got permission to park me in the track's air - conditioned office. After the morning runs ended, 1 Lap announced that a single drag race here will replace low ET drag race canceled yesterday. David had a good morning run followed by a quicker afternoon run - but everyone else went quicker too! When David came in from the afternoon run, Wayne found that the 2 front tires had de-laminated - David went so fast that Subie tore-up her tires! Front tires were swapped with the rear tires then Wayne ran the drag race - Frankie Bear was scared. A fellow competitor, who lives in the area, recommended to David a tire store chain in New Orleans. The GPS found one close to our route; a phone call found that it had the right size tires in stock and could change them for us, Frankie feels better now. We lost an hour of travel time, but Subie now had good tires - but of a different brand front to rear - on all 4 wheels for the 794 mile drive to South Carolina

Event 9 - 42nd OA, 4th in Class
We are now in 40th Place Overall. This will be the highest we will achieve. No more rain.
Event 10 - 44th OA, 4th in Class
Event 7 - 56th OA

We leave No Problem: Overall - 44th of 72 cars.

Wednesday, May 7 - Carolina Motorsports Park and BMW Performance Center

Friends - Glen Dodd and Charles Lovelady - had space in one of the open garage bays for us. It was a cooler day than yesterday plus there was electric - I used the laptop to catch-up the LCMS story, I had a lot to do. David's cold is worse; he feels it interferes with his driving. The scores say otherwise - until this morning's run. Could it be the tires? David didn't feel a problem with them and he always runs with the same group of cars where he didn't fall back or get passed. The afternoon run was better - Frankie Bear said so.
Wayne and David loaded the gear and me to drive 154 miles to the BMW Performance Center. It was the first time that cars other than BMWs ran on this course. It was 1 scored lap on a paved autocross type course. David autocrossed before he started racing; he drove very well here. We loaded up for the 235 mile run to Virginia. We in a room at the race track by 10:30 PM. It had wireless internet available so we sent updates to the LCMS website and got a reasonable night's sleep.

Event 11 - 51nd OA, 4th in Class
Event 12 - 46th OA, 4th in Class
Event 13 - 36th OA, 4th in Class

Overall - 43rd of 72 cars

Thursday, May 8 - Virginia International Raceway

It was so nice to wake up AT THE RACETRACK! We did have to move our gear from the room to the paddock. We found space to put everything in George and Lauren Bruggenthies garage. There are 3 courses to run here; South, North and Full. David has driven endurance races on the North course and the Full course but hasn't driven the South course since 2001 in an Olds Aurora - with no brakes. So this morning will be different. Frankie Bear liked how he drove all of them. During lunch, dad George had a cake for Lauren's birthday for everyone. We had a card for everyone to sign. Lauren was pleasantly surprised.
Wayne and David loaded Subie for the 481 mile drive to Pennsylvania through heavy rain. We are in our room by 10:30 PM again. No internet tonight, the sick driver was in bed by midnight.

Event 14 - 44th OA, 4th in Class
Event 15 - 42nd OA, 4th in Class
Event 16 - 45th OA, 4th in Class

We leave VIR: Overall - 44th of 72 cars

Friday, May 9 - BeaveRun Motorsports Complex

We got to sleep in a half hour later because the event starts later by that much. Have I mentioned how miserable David's cold makes him feel? He thinks it affects his driving; Wayne thinks David is still faster than he would be. Frankie Bear thinks so too and he's never been on course with Wayne driving-sibling rivalry! I got setup with the computer to keep trying to catch-up our story. There are 3 events to run here; 2 on the road course - that David has instructed on - and 1 through an autocross pylon course setup on the skid pad; something David does very well After his morning event, David took Subie to the skid pad so he could walk the autocross course. As he finished his walk-through, it was announced that the autocross course was open and could be run at any time. David had the car, his helmet and was wearing his driver's suit so he made his run - it was good, racing hasn't dulled his autocross skills. David's 2nd run on the road course was 0.731 seconds slower than his morning run - unusual - and it dropped Subie 7 places OA.
Our past teammate, Ron Pizor, was here to visit with us and all the 1 Lappers he has run with. Charles Lovelady, Glen Dodd's teammate needed a ride to the Pittsburgh airport as soon as he was done his runs - to get home to his son's graduation - so Ron took him. As Wayne and David loaded Subie, I called Danny Yanda and learned he was 7 minutes away on his way to us - we waited for him. Danny took some team photos for us. Danny went to visit with 1 Lappers he has run with and we left to drive 121 miles to get a sticker for our route book - so we don't get a penalty.

Event 17 - 43rd OA; 4th in Class
Event 18 - 50th OA; 4th in Class
Event 19 - 27th OA

Overall - 45th of 72 cars

Design Engineering Inc.
This is a "sticker stop" at one of the sponsors of The Tire Rack One Lap of America; if a team doesn't get a sticker, it loses 50 points. The stop gives the sponsor, its employees and all the 1 Lappers a chance to meet each other-and they had good food for us. Wayne walked out to the road where some kids were selling hot dogs to raise money for ALS Research. They told him that the DEI free food was really good. Wayne said he wanted a hot dog then asked how many they had sold; they said none. Wayne told that to other 1 Lappers and a few went to buy hot dogs too-it was for a good cause. David and I had some - but not too much - of the food DEI provided; we want to go to the Steak & Ale when we get back to South Bend in 239 miles. The BeaveRun timing crew arrived, stickers were handed out and we got on the road to South Bend. We made dinner reservations for us, Mark Blaha and Dave Rothert as we drove to South Bend. We were unloaded into the motel room by 8:30 PM, Mark and Dave joined us at the Steak & Ale at 9:20 PM - dinner was worth the wait; we'll see if it helps David feel better by tomorrow.

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OLOA Update 4

Saturday, May 10 - The Tire Rack Dry Skid Pad and Finish Banquet

Today is dry and chilly, David is no better, it hurts when he coughs, he coughs a lot and always coughs when he talks - there's a cure for that! He is generous and shares - Wayne has the cold and my throat is scratchy; Subie is a rolling sick-room! Frankie Bear wants to go back to his daddy Doug McCabe, before he gets it - but first he wants one more ride! We got Subie to The Tire Rack in time to be in the OLOA group photo. The cars run this event in reverse finish order - 72nd to 1st. David lines up in 45th place. Thanks to her all-wheel drive, Subie pulled 0.791 g's on the wet skid at the start but it doesn't help now in the dry - Subie pulls only 0.869 g's and delaminates her left front tire! Fortunately it doesn't change Subie's OA finish. Wayne swaps the fronts for rears again! He thinks it will get Subie home. Wayne and David loaded our gear into Subie for the ride home.

Event 20 - 50th OA; 4th in Class

Final Overall - 45th of 72 cars
4th in the 6 car Mid Priced Sedan Class
1st of the stock Mid Priced cars!

The finish banquet followed immediately. The Tire Rack served some good German food for lunch to fuel everyone before they drive home. Brock Yates opened the awards ceremonies with a few remarks then gave the microphone to his son - and David's son-in-law - Brock Yates, Jr. Brock, Jr. apologized for some errors he made in the routes, we didn't notice them as the two GPSs in Subie - ours and Wayne's - always got us to where we should be. The many class awards were given followed by the top 10 OA.

1st Mid Priced Sedan Class - Steven Rankins, Steven Kornhaus & Jennifer Dunnaway in a Subaru Impreza STi - they finished 10th OA! (2nd and 3rd in class were gutted race cars that finished 14th and 20th OA.)

1st OA - for the 5th year straight! - Mark DaVia & Drew Wikstrom in their same Porsche 996.


Goodbyes were said to all - they said they hope to see ALL of us again next year! The LCMS Dominion Title Audubon Environmental Sunoco Subie sick-room was on the way home by 3 PM. David started the drive but Wayne drove most of the way, we made only fuel stops - lunch was that good. Subie got to our house at 1:10 AM. David and Wayne unloaded us; Wayne left here by 1:45 AM was home at 2:30 AM.

LCMS sincerely thanks the sponsors who make the drive to end multiple sclerosis possible; Dominion Title Services - who also provided Subie - Audubon Environmental and Sunoco Race Fuels. This drive cannot happen without their loyal support.

An apology - I spent Sunday trying - unsuccessfully - to finish this story. The cold kept me in bed and David napping all day Monday. Now things are looking up, we are still alive and the LCMS story is written. For this year. Of course, we are always looking for donations and the checkered flag for Multiple Sclerosis. And - there's always next year.

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