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2009 OLOA Update 1

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The LCMS team - Fay & David Teal and Wayne Hickman - loaded the Toyota Camry supplied by Thompson Toyota of Doylestown, Pa. (Taking Delivery) Jack and John Thompson are fellow Sports Car Club of America members, racers and great folks. Sponsors Dominion Title, Audubon Environmental and Sunoco returned. Matt's Automotive led the returning associate sponsors. The Camry had plenty of room - I must behave; there's room to put me in the trunk too! It was easy to load and a comfortable ride. We were on the road by 12:30 pm and got to Irwin, PA, by 4:30 pm. We can't pass by Irwin without stopping for dinner with Danny and Arlene Yanda. The dinner discussion covered the Toyota Camry, past 1 Laps, family and life - a very pleasant meal. Thursday we traveled on to Indiana.

Friday, May 1, The Tire Rack, South Bend, IN - Registration and Drivers Meeting

The Camry got the LCMS team to the South Bend Quality Motel by 4:30 pm Thursday. We were unloaded and in the Lounge by 5:30 pm to eat and to greet others as they arrived. The group seemed smaller than last year, but we did meet and greet 2 Newbie's - Lap Puppies. Erik Cullins, from California driving his 2003 VW GTi, and his co-driver Dwight Kelly from Georgia. They were very excited to compete in One Lap this year and couldn't wait to become full Lap Dogs. We hoped that they would feel the same way at the finish.

After breakfast Friday, David and Wayne loaded me into the Dominion Title Audubon Environmental Sunoco Thompson Toyota for the 5-mile trip to The Tire Rack where they unloaded me-time to greet old and meet new friends. The 1 Lap staff greeted and registered us. Only 60 cars entered the short - only 3,265 miles - 1 Lap. Both the Brock Yates' - Sr and Jr - expected fuel prices to be high when the '09 1 Lap was planned last fall; instead fuel prices went down but, more importantly, so did the Economy.

David and Wayne mounted the new decals on magnetic material before putting them on the Camry for 1 Lap inspection. Two decals are different this year: the LCMS Dominion Title Audubon Environmental Sunoco Thompson Toyota is number 49, and the event is Brock Yates' 1 Lap of America. (All Dressed #1) (All Dressed #2) (All Dressed #3)
After the Drivers' Meeting, we found a Logan's Steak House for dinner.

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2009 OLOA Update 2

Saturday, May 2, 9 am, The Tire Rack, Wet Skid Pad - 42nd of 63 Overall, 7th of 10 Mid Priced Class - GPS Top Speed Recorded: 37.5 MPH

The LCMS team had breakfast then loaded everything into the Toyota for the short trip to The Tire Rack - where everything got unloaded including me. (Fay & Amanda) The "formal" photo - car and team - was taken before David's run. (Formal Camry) Each run on the paved, wet skid pad was 3 laps counter - clockwise and 3 laps clockwise. The total time of each direction for the car got added together; fastest time won. (David - Wet Skid Pad) After David's run, the Thompson Toyota was reloaded to drive 106 miles to Illinois. . .

3 pm, Autobahn Country Club, Joliet, IL - 47th OA, 7th Mid Priced, Speed: 88.6 MPH

. . . where David and Wayne unloaded for a single timed run. The format for scoring all 1 Lap road course events is from a standing start to a flying finish 3 laps later-fastest time wins. Everything was reloaded to drive 304 miles to Kentucky. The short transit got the LCMS team to the hotel before midnight.

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2009 OLOA Update 3

Sunday, May 3, 10 am, Turfway Park, KY - 48th OA, 6th Mid Priced, Speed: 44.3 MPH

The 1 Lap planned to use a new racetrack in this area, but the track paving wasn't done. Instead, the local Sports Car Club of America conducted an Autocross. David was a champion autocrosser before being a race car driver - and Wayne gets lost in the "sea of cones" - so David drove it. A driver could make three runs - 1 lap each - to set his fastest time; fastest lap time overall wins. (Sea of Cones) & (Trucks Lean) We loaded up to drive 246 miles to Tennessee.

5:30 pm, Highland Rim Speedway, TN - CANCELED

This 1/3 mile event was rained out-many of teams never got to the track or unloaded-so everyone had an early start for the 269 mile drive to Alabama. We were in the motel before midnight.

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2009 OLOA Update 4

Sunday, May 3, 10 am, Turfway Park, KY - 48th OA, 6th Mid Priced, Speed: 44.3 MPH

The 1 Lap planned to use a new racetrack in this area, but the track paving wasn't done. Instead, the local Sports Car Club of America conducted an Autocross. David was a champion autocrosser before being a race car driver - and Wayne gets lost in the "sea of cones" - so David drove it. A driver could make three runs - 1 lap each - to set his fastest time; fastest lap time overall wins. (Sea of Cones) & (Trucks Lean) We loaded up to drive 246 miles to Tennessee.

5:30 pm, Highland Rim Speedway, TN - CANCELED

This 1/3 mile event was rained out-many of teams never got to the track or unloaded-so everyone had an early start for the 269 mile drive to Alabama. We were in the motel before midnight.

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2009 OLOA Update 5

Monday, May 4, Talladega Grand Prix Course, AL - Event 1: 40th OA, 5th Mid Priced, Speed: 81.5 MPH-Hard Rain
Event 2: 53rd OA, 7th Mid Priced Speed: 83.3 MPH-Still Wet

This course was new to 1 Lap. It is a motorcycle road course near the Talladega Super Speedway. It was raining as the first group went on course. The heavy rain stopped, the humidity and chill stayed and random cloudbursts occurred. Our run group was organized of a group of senior Lappers; licensed race drivers who play well together. But it was a strange assortment of vehicles; Mike Roberts' Economy Civic, David's Mid Priced Camry, Charles Lovelady's Vintage American '48 Plymouth, Amanda Hennessy and Robert Dubler's Trucks and Marcus Pizzali in a Retro HHR! There was a cloudburst just before they went on course-Roberts lead the group, Pizzali was last. (Cloudburst) They all stayed on course and left a dry race line for the next run group. But it wasn't dry for our second event - it had rained that hard. (Drying? Track) I stayed "relatively" dry on the race track control tower covered patio. Wayne and David loaded up for the 616 mile drive to central Florida, '09's longest transit.

Tuesday, May 5, 8 am, Sebring Int'l Raceway, FL - Event 1: 50th OA, 8th Mid Priced, Speed: 101 MPH Event 2: 48th OA, 7th Mid Priced, Speed: 103 MPH

The long transit got us to our room at 1:30 am; but it was OK because the hotel is adjacent to the race track-and many 1 Lappers were in the hotel Lounge when we got there. Even though the track could be viewed from our room, in the morning we had to check-out, load the car, drive around the corner to the paddock - where we unloaded in a covered pit garage! It was sunny, breezy and hot. 1 Lap was here in 2000 but only ran the short course. This year we ran the whole track which included the long back straight, the long & rough turn 17 under the bridge which leads onto the front straight and into the very fast left hand turn one. All of that being the original rough concrete runways. (The Rough Line #1), (The Rough Line #2) & (The Smoother? Line) David enjoyed driving Sebring - a whole lot of history here. We were in the 2nd Pit Garage and above us was the plaque for the 1953 American winner - Cunningham. (Our Pit Garage) Flanked by the first winner in 1952 - Frazer Nash and 1954 - OSCA. You can walk the pit lane to see which car, and nation of make, won each year to the present. We were surprised by visitors here. To Wayne's dismay, Frankie Bear came to visit - and ride along when David ran on - track. (Frankie) He brought his parents, Doug and Joyce McCabe, and his sister Brandi. We met Joyce and Brandi for the fist time. Doug has run 1 Lap with other teams and when he does, Frankie rides with us - the sibling rivalry between Wayne and Frankie gets intense. Wayne and David reloaded the Camry. We said goodbye to Frankie and the McCabe's, then drove 202 miles north in Florida.

6 pm, Gainesville Raceway, FL - Event 1: 49th OA, 6th Mid Priced, Mile Time: 17.157 Seconds Event 2: Tie 6th OA, Tie 4th Mid Priced

Gainesville Raceway is a drag strip. Wayne drove it; he studied the course map - with his eyes closed - as David drove us there. David found shade to park and unload. Friends from working races at Summit Point, WV, Dave and Claudia Jenkins came to visit us - they retired and moved to Florida several years ago. (Long Time Friends) Event 1: One run down the drag strip to determine fastest mile times.
Event 2: Bracket Drags, 2 cars at a time. Each driver posts the time he expects to run, if he goes faster he loses.
Wayne won his first round because the car he ran with went too fast. Wayne actually beat the 2nd place Porsche.and boy was that driver pissed. (Who needs a Porsche?) The second round, Wayne started before his lane went green; he was "eliminated". So, the Camry was reloaded, we said goodbye to the Jenkins, and drove 128 miles east, still in Florida.

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2009 OLOA Update 6

Wednesday, May 6, Daytona Int'l Speedway, FL - Event 1: 47th OA, 6th Mid Priced, Speed: 117 MPH Event 1: 51st OA, 8th Mid Priced, Speed: 118 MPH

Last night, we were in bed before midnight - we were rested. More visitors - David's daughter and granddaughter, Cyndy and Leda, were visiting Cyndy's mom near Jacksonville while Brock, Jr., does his best to keep us Lappers in-line and on-time. Cyndy's mom and step-dad, Maureen and Larry, brought them and were introduced around. (Shy Child) In 1988, David and I crewed for a race car for the Daytona 24-hour race; Wayne comes to the motorcycle races here every year; 1 Lap used the same road course. The road course is easy - it's the 2/3's of the steep NASCAR oval that it uses that makes the course special. After David made his run, he told me Wayne HAD to drive the 2nd run and said he wouldn't drive it. Wayne brought me lunch; I reimbursed him with the afternoon run. Wayne wouldn't let the team score a DNF for the 2nd run. During lunch, George Bruggenthies wanted to take the rear wheels off his car to check the brakes. He had a problem with a locking lug nut - Wayne to the rescue. A couple of borrowed tools later, the brakes were checked so both drivers could make their runs. While Wayne took care of George's problem, 1 Lappers and guests were allowed to make "touring laps" of the NASCAR track. David took me and fellow Lappers Lauren Bruggenthies and Russell Vester for a "ride-around-the-rim" - neat! The in-car pictures just don't tell the story.

(Daytona #1) (Daytona #2) (Daytona #3) (It's not NASCAR) David's thoughts on Daytona: The road course used for the 24 hours of Daytona, the course we used, isn't anything to write home about. It's not way up there on my favorite list of road courses I have driven over 20 years on One Lap. That being said let me say this about Daytona: IT IS AWESOME. First of all "It's Daytona" and secondly, after driving the infield section on my recon lap and entering the oval at turn one the world literally turned on its side. Entering turn one the road fell away from me out my side window, the sky appeared in the right side window and a black wall of asphalt showed up in my windshield. It is utterly awesome to drive the 31 degree banked turns 1 & 2 and 3 & 4. TV does not do it any justice. A driver can't see around the turns and I can now understand the problems NASCAR drivers have. Our top speed was 118 MPH on the front straight and around 111 to 114 in the turns. Driving close to 200 MPH and in a pack of 43 cars it's a wonder that more accidents don't happen there. And the road surface is anything but smooth. Even in our Camry, a street car with street suspension, we were bouncing around. The Daytona officials allowed us drive-arounds at lunch time. Thanks to Daytona for this. It was an amazing experience. It now surpasses our drive-around laps at Indy in 1991 - although Indy is as smooth as a pool table. Oh, I guess on second thought I should cut the road course some slack. Driving the infield kink and Bus Stop on the back straight is really a lot of fun...Not quite awesome but a lot of fun.
Wayne liked his run. (Wayne #1) (Wayne #2) (Wayne #3) His top speed was 1 MPH faster than David's. These were also the fastest speeds we recorded on any track this year. Everything was reloaded.

Passage Control: 190 mile Braille Battery MPG Check: 4th OA, 1st Mid Priced

This 1/3 mile event was rained out-many of teams never got to the track or unloaded-so everyone had an early start for the 269 mile drive to Alabama. We were in the motel before midnight.

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2009 OLOA Update 7

Thursday, May 7, 8:30 am, Carolina Motorsports Park, SC - Event 1: 47th OA, 7th Mid Priced, Speed: 93.3 MPH Event 2: 49th OA, 6th Mid Priced Speed: 94.2 MPH

It was almost 10 miles to the track in the morning; we made it just in time. Other teams had space in the open garages for us to put our gear and me-shade! 1 Lap has been here before so the track wasn't new to David. As usual, his 1st run was very good and his 2nd run was even better. The other drivers are a lot faster their 2nd run or their faster driver does the 2nd run - either way we appear to do worse. (David at CMP) Wayne and David reloaded everything to drive 154 miles northwest in South Carolina.

4:30 pm, BMW Performance Center, SC - Event 1: 46th OA, 7th Mid Priced, Speed: 71.3 MPH

We were greeted here by more family and friends. David's daughter Aimee and her family met us, they moved to this area in January. Her husband, Kurt, and their girls, Abby and Sami, have never watched any motorsports. But watching Grandpop drive a race car was really different. Uncle Wayne hadn't seen them for more than a year so the teasing resumed. Our friends from Charlotte, NC, Stan and Debbie Peters, were here, too. Brock, Jr, and Stan work together occasionally. Stan was on-hand to assist Brock if needed. Aimee renewed her ties with the Peters and found that they now live less than 2 hours apart. Each team got one 3-lap run. (David at BMW) When David came off the course he gave Aimee, Abby and Sami a ride back to our paddock spot in the "race car". The BMW Performance Center gave all 1 Lappers a box meal - good sandwiches - before sending us on the 2nd longest transit of this 1 Lap, 562 miles to Pennsylvania.

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2009 OLOA Update 8

Friday, May 8, BeaveRun Motorsports Complex, PA - Event 1: 42nd OA, 7th Mid Priced, Speed: 105 MPH Event 2: 44th OA, 6th Mid Priced, Speed: 107 MPH

We usually transit alone, not with other Lappers, hoping to avoid encounters with the law; it works most of the time. Teams pass us or we pass them occasionally. Last night as we neared Pennsylvania, other Lappers passed us or ran with us more often - Wayne led a few through some patchy, West Virginia fog. Wayne got us to the motel about 1 am.
More visitors! Danny Yanda was helping the BeaveRun staff get 1 Lappers started. Ron Pizor and son Brian were visiting with the Lappers they knew. We found the Bruggenthies; they had space to unload our things inside a garage, and shade outside to park the Camry in. It was Lauren Bruggenthies birthday. George was a good dad and had Birthday Cake - good - and soda for all. This is a track where David has driven many laps, instructing, 1 Lap, racing and lapping. He had 2 very good runs. Top speeds were faster than at Sebring making BeaveRun the second fasted track we competed on this year. He and Steve Stubbs set up their afternoon run to thrill the spectators. (David Chasing? #1) (David Chasing? #2) Wayne and David reloaded, we said goodbye to Danny Yanda and the Pizors, then drove 239 miles to Indiana. At the motel, we joined the 1 Lappers in the lounge for supper, stories and pictures.

Saturday, May 8, The Tire Rack, IN - Event: 48th OA, 8th Mid Priced, Speed: 36.4 MPH

At breakfast we held a team meeting. Today's event will not change our final finishing position - Wayne gets to drive today's Skid Pad. The Camry was reloaded for the short trip to The Tire Rack, where it was unloaded. It was windy, chilly and misty. Wayne did good. (Wayne - Dry Skid Pad) The Camry was reloaded.

1 pm, Awards Banquet - Final: 51st OA, 6th Mid Priced Sedan
MPG Challenge: 1st Mid Priced Sedan
20 Year Award: David Teal

It was too cold in the tent outside where the Drivers' meeting was held, so the Awards Banquet moved inside The Tire Rack's huge warehouse. 1 Lappers were treated to a Buffet meal before the Awards Presentation to fortify all who drove home as soon as the Awards were done. (Trophies) (Tony) (Another One Lap)

The Braille Battery sponsored Trophy for the MPG Challenge-was a battery; heavy paperweight.
David, Glen Dodd and Michael Hickman-using the same car!-all got 20-Year Engraved Plates.
As David accepted his Award, he commented that WE would do this again.

Early in the 1 Lap a new loading procedure was implemented. Wayne loaded me, David unloaded me. I managed to get through the whole 1 Lap and all the way home without ever getting packed in the trunk - but I was threatened a couple of times.

The LCMS Dominion Title Audubon Environmental Sunoco Thompson Toyota was excellent over-the-road and behaved well on-course, doing a total 5,076 trouble free miles. David would have preferred more power but finishing 6th out of 10 Mid Priced Sedans in a totally stock Camry wasn't bad. The Camry went to the May 13 meeting of the South Jersey Region, SCCA then back to Thompson Toyota on the 14th. The time LCMS had with the Dominion Title Audubon Environmental Sunoco Thompson Toyota Camry was short but very pleasant. LCMS thanks Dominion Title Services, Inc., Audubon Environmental, Sunoco, especially Thompson Toyota and the Associate sponsors for continuing to make the drive to end MS possible - it can't be done without them.

(The End)

I apologize to everyone that it took so long to get this written. Every year it seems to take longer to get done - "hiring the handicapped" isn't working for me.

And the webmaster has no excuse - so I apologize, too! (for my further delay)

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