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2010 OLOA Update 1

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Everything came together at the last minute-as usual; it was 1 Lap time again. By late Friday afternoon all the "i's" were dotted and the "t's" crossed. LCMS picked up the NJMP Subaru STI Pace Car Saturday early afternoon. It is a stock 2009 WRX STI with a 2010 suspension update done in the Phoenix Racing workshop. Because of its Pace Car life-and the OLOA use-Carbo Tech brakes were also installed. It is both stock and track-ready. It should be the best "stock" car LCMS had used so far.
On Sunday, Chris - 1994 OLOA -& Bonnie Dryden used their sign making equipment - evolution graphics - to make new LCMS graphics. They got the STI dressed. Past teammate Dutch Dryden ('93 & '95) made sure the graphics got on straight. Monday and Tuesday last minute errands and packing was done. I have a medical problem that required me to lie on the back seat during travel between tracks instead of sitting in the front passenger seat-the guys napped in the front this year.
My son was here by 9 am to watch us scrambling getting ready to go. By 10:30 am David and Wayne had the STI loaded-I was loaded last. The LCMS team - Fay Teal, David Teal and Wayne Hickman - was on the road by 11:30 am headed to dinner in Irwin, PA, with Danny and Arlene Yanda - he's another past teammate ('05). The STI was thoroughly discussed over dinner.

Thursday April 29 - South Bend, IN

We were at the OLOA host motel by 5 pm. We checked in, unloaded and went to the lounge to greet everyone. We met Glen and Annette Dodd, and Mike and Dorothy Stein in the parking lot on the way. Glen has run 1 Lap 20 times but won't run this year. He is recovering from a February fall through a roof! Mike - Glen's teammate - brought Glen and their wives to send off the 2010 One Lappers.

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2010 OLOA Update 2

Friday April 30, Rack Wet Skid Pad-Finish overall: 11th! of the 68 OLOA Entrants.

David and Wayne reloaded the STI to drive 3 miles to the Tire Rack. There they unloaded. We registered and said "hi" to old and new friends. I stayed under the registration / event tent to meet 1 Lappers as they came through. David and Wayne "dressed" the STI and had it inspected. We attended the welcome / lunch / drivers' meeting. The official team photo was taken as the LCMS Dominion Title Audubon Environmental Sunoco NJMP STI staged to run the first event, the wet skid pad - in car # order. The STI was # 49.
They reloaded; they drove 235 miles to Road America Wisconsin. The guys didn't like napping in the passenger seat. By 10:30 pm, we got to Jim McIlvaine's (an LCMS supporter for many years) beautiful log cabin 2 miles from the track. David checked the OLOA website for our score: 11th overall of the 68 entrants - he was pleased; VERY pleased!

Saturday May 1 - Road America, WI - Finish overall: AM 26th, PM 24th of 68.

The 1 Lappers again ran in car # order, on the full course, in the morning. After lunch and until the dry skip pad, cars ran in order of their time in the prior event. David drove the road courses. He likes this course but didn't know the STI yet. David was 26th on long course in the morning then 24th on the short course in the afternoon. Jim McIlvaine took a picture of the STI and David on course. LCMS hadn't run this close to the front of the pack since OLOA stopped scoring the event like a TSD Rally. Whoopee! Uh, oh. . . now we have to be at the track early, no sleeping late, bummer. The guys reloaded the car - I was baggage - then drove to Iowa, 583 miles. I heard complaints from the passenger seat.

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2010 OLOA Update 3

Sunday, May 2 - Mid America Motorplex, IA - Finish overall: AM 23rd, PM 21st of 68.

David likes this track - (is this an echo?). David and Wayne got better with the tire pressures. He ran 23rd and 21st. Wayne and I had a happy driver. (I didn't mention the weather yet - it was good but we feared tempting the weather steward by mentioning it.) The guys reloaded the STI for the trip to Oklahoma, 482 miles. The front passenger complaints continued.

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2010 OLOA Update 4

Monday, May 3 - Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, OK - Finish overall: AM 18th, PM 18th of 68.

David likes this one, too - it felt as if we were doing a tour of his favorite tracks! It worked; he was 18th for both runs! During his morning run, I visited with the track's store operator. She and her family operate this club track. Her mother had MS. She remembered all the times LCMS and OLOA were here. We had a pleasant visit, we gave her NJMP info; she gave us Hallett info.
I spent the rest of the day there lying under our LCMS teammates' canopy. Mark Blaha & David Rothert are in Mark's beautifully prepared # 32 Mustang. LCMS was their team charity. The guys reloaded the STI nicely in 16th place overall - Wow!!! - for the short trip (48 miles) to Tulsa Raceway for a low ET Drag race and Brackett drags.

Tulsa Raceway - Finish overall: Drag race 61st, Bracket drag 7th (tie) of 68.

Wayne did the drag races. He was comfortable with the STI's clutch and shifter . . . but missed shifts! The STI finished 61st (ouch!) and 7th (tied with 33 others). The guys reloaded the STI for the trip to Illinois, 393 miles. Complaints disturbed my nap.

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2010 OLOA Update 5

Tuesday, May 4 - Gateway International Raceway, IL - Finish overall: AM 20th, PM 17th of 68.

OLOA hasn't run here since 1998 - ask JD King, another past teammate, about that year. My body staged a revolt, but David did well in spite of it; 20th and 17th. (Maybe it should rebel more often - NO!) The guys reloaded the STI for the trip to Ohio, 476 miles. There was more grumbling from the front passenger, I couldn't sleep.

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2010 OLOA Update 6

Wednesday, May 5 - Mid Ohio Sportscar Course - Finish overall: AM 20th, PM 21st of 68.

This track hosted the SCCA Runoffs for several years. OLOA was last here in 2007 - the year we used Wayne's '91 Geo Metro wagon. We hoped David could handle the power upgrade this year. The track favors the bigger, faster cars, but has some tricky parts. The # 32 Mustang, was looking forward to this track for its long straights. David and the STI finished 20th and 21st. The guys reloaded the STI for the trip home to NJMP - we stopped at our house to unload the dirty clothes before getting to our room at Thunderbolt, 529 miles. There was less to load/unload but the grumbling didn't stop.

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2010 OLOA Update 7

Thursday, May 6-NJMP Lightning- Finish overall: AM 24th, PM 29th of 68.

All the flaggers stood at the tech garage clapping as the LCMS NJMP Pace Car came in - I think they were happy the car was in one piece. Many SJR and family members visited. They were interested in all the 1 Lappers. David visited, but didn't miss his run group - Wayne made sure he didn't. Cyndy - David's daughter / Brock's wife - brought 5-year-old granddaughter Leda. They visited 1 Lap at Daytona last year so they know a lot of the Lappers. Brian Heun and Meg Meyer thought the STI was too dirty. They washed it after David's morning run. He was 24th and 29th; too much pressure! The guys reloaded the STI for the trip back to Ohio, 439 miles-and more grumbling.

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2010 OLOA Update 8

Friday, May 7 - Nelson Ledges, OH - Finish overall: AM 15th, PM 33rd of 68.

One of David's (and Meg Meyer's) favorite tracks - have I said that before? - he has run Enduros here. It showed; he was 15th! in the morning. The weather was overcast all day and spit on us occasionally - I stayed under cover to keep the rain away. We ate a good lunch. We visited with our Nelson Ledges friends. A past, LCMS 6 time teammate Ron Pizor ('00 - '05) who brought home baked brownies from his wife, Darlene - Yummy!! Ron took pictures, (and a second one) too. David made his afternoon run. He used the wrong pedal while left-foot braking; went off-course - and finished 33rd!?! Wayne and I didn't know if it was the food or the visiting that adversely affected David's driving.
Our # 32 friends and teammates, Mark and Dave, put a hole in the Mustang's engine block - spectacularly - at the end of the back straight; they were done. Mark, the owner, was driving at the time. My guys reloaded the STI for the trip back to South Bend, a short 295 miles. We were at the motel in time to have a real, sit-down dinner - the first since we started - with 3 other teams.

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2010 OLOA Update 9

Saturday, May 8- Tire Rack Dry-we hope!-Skid Pad-Finish overall: 15th of the 68.

The guys unloaded at Tire Rack for the last event. The good weather OLOA had at the tracks all week blew away, the high temperature was 45! - with scattered, very brief rain showers. The Dry Skid Pad run order was based on the final overall results after the 2nd event at Nelson Ledges; entrants ran in reverse order, slowest to fastest. The LCMS NJMP Subaru STI lined up 21st overall and finished 15th picking up one place to make it into the final Top 20.

The Tire Rack moved the OLOA Finish Awards Banquet indoors - Ah, the smell of new tires during dinner. The LCMS Dominion Title Audubon Environmental Sunoco NJMP Subaru STI finished 20th overall of the 68 OLOA entrants and 4th in the 10 car Mid Priced Sedan Class points - but 3rd in overall points in the class. The whole LCMS team was very happy with our finish.
The Mark Blaha/Dave Rothert # 32 Mustang was trailered to South Bend. They finished 45th overall and 3rd in the SSGT2 Large Bore class.

We said goodbyes to everyone. Wayne and David reloaded the STI - for the last time! We left by 4 pm and were home about 1 am Sunday, May 9. The guys unloaded - for the last time. Wayne wished me a happy Mothers' Day then left. He was home after 2 am.

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Thank You to NJMP for allowing LCMS to use the Subaru STI Pace Car. The Subaru finished higher overall than some prepared cars in the Mid Priced Sedan Class and even more impressively overall. The Subaru handled all that my drivers asked of it and was a pleasure on the long transit runs between race tracks - even if the seats are not for sleeping in, other than that it's a great One Lap vehicle. LCMS prefers track and road performance to passenger comfort!

Thank You also to Dominion Title Services; Audubon Environmental; Sunoco; Matt's Automotive; evolution graphics and all the Friends of LCMS who make the drive to end MS possible.

Final Finish overall: 20th of the 68; 4th of the 10 Mid Priced Sedan Class entrants!

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