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2011 OLOA Update 1

January 2011

The year began differently for LCMS. After consulting with my better half, we decided to run my 25th One Lap of America. A vague offer—or threat—made at the end of last year's OLOA, prompted me, Fay Teal, to email fellow-Lapper, Reg Noble. He lives in Ontario, Canada, and brings multiple cars to the 1 Lap. Reg confirmed that his 2006 Audi A4 Quatro Turbo Wagon was for us to use this year, it would meet us at the Tire Rack in South Bend, IN, for the 1 Lap start.

March 2011

Reg Noble brought the Audi to a South Jersey Region, Sports Car Club of America event at New Jersey Motorsports Park so David had a chance to drive it before 1 Lap—Wayne even got a chance to make a repair. Chris Dryden—a '94 1 Lapper and our friend—designed special decals in honor of my 25th 1 Lap. LCMS sponsor, Country Press, made them. We handed them out for a small donation.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The team—David Teal, Wayne Hickman and I—drove our own car to Irwin, PA, where we met for dinner with the Yanda's. Danny, our '05 teammate, was excited about the Audi as was Arlene—but I think they were more excited about their daughter's wedding which was to be on Saturday, the day we start 1 Lap.

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2011 OLOA Update 2

Thursday, April 28

We arrived at the host motel for One Lap of America in South Bend, IN. Only a few 1 Lappers were there. After checking in and unloading into our room, we walked — I drove — to the Lounge to see who was there. Lappers were checking in then going to eat—and the Audi wasn't there yet—we were alone. Organizer, and son-in-law, Brock Yates, Jr., came in saying folks were on their way. He told us Cyndy and Leda — his wife & daughter, our daughter & granddaughter — went to eat. But, Reg and his cars weren't there yet. What could we do? We ordered food and visited with the other Lappers as they trickled in. Reg and his crew finally arrived with the cars. The crew included; Bill Unwin & Dwight Kelly who would drive the VW Golf in SSGT2; and Eric Curran who would run with Reg in the Porsche Cayman in SSGT1 Small Bore. He told us to meet the Audi at registration in the morning. We finished eating and went to the parking lot. Cyndy & Leda were back from eating and were visiting with folks there.

Friday, April 29 – South Bend, Indiana, Tire Rack – 1 Lap Registration

The parking lot was filling up with Lappers. I went to the registration tent to hide from the sun, meet Lappers and offer them more decals. Most of them claimed at least 2 and generously donated. Meanwhile in the parking lot, the Audi arrived and became ours. David & Wayne joined me to go through registration and say hi to registrar Missy. We collected the needed 1 Lap decals and route books. I stayed in the tent, to offer "Fay's 25th 1 Lap" decals to Lappers as they came to registration.

David and Wayne were busy: dressing the Audi; giving out "25th 1 Lap decals"; and visiting — Wayne claims he did ALL the work, although I saw David dressing the Audi, too. They worked out a plan for loading me. I had a pressure wound and couldn't sit up long. So I rode lying down. Wayne sat me on the tailgate on a thin foam pad & laid me back, David caught me — hopefully before my head hit — then they pulled/shoved me in. Next my scooter and the rest of our gear was loaded and the hatch closed — I hoped not on my feet!

The Audi was dressed and inspected in time for the 3 PM Lunch & Drivers' Meeting. The 1 Lap sponsors and staff were introduced—all the folks we already greeted. The loading system for me worked; it took us back to our room. I asked for a pillow, the tool box was offered; I persisted and finally got a pillow.

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2011 OLOA Update 3

Saturday, April 30 – South Bend

For the Wet Skid Pad event, cars compete in number order; the Audi was # 94—next-to-last. So we went to breakfast before going to Tire Rack.

AM – South Bend, The Tire Rack – Wet Skid Pad: 14th overall of the 73 cars.

FANTASTIC! A Great Start. We were leading the 11-car Mid Priced Sedans! We drove 82 miles to the afternoon event.

PM – Grissom Air Force Base – Autocross: 36th overall of the 73 cars.

David was a champion autocrosser before he started racing—but he hadn't studied the track map! They reloaded everything to drive 550 miles to West Virginia.

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2011 OLOA Update 4

Sunday, May 1 – Summit Point Motorsports Park, WV

AM: 25th overall of the 73 cars.      PM: 30th overall of the 73 cars.

This was our "home track" before New Jersey Motorsports Park was built. Friends greeted us: Stan & Shirley Wantland; Lin & Janet Toland; and Rachel, Caelan and Tristan Watson — our daughter & grandsons - Rachel ran with us in '97 & '98. They watched David drag me out of the Audi. Rachel didn't have that option when she ran with us; she was jealous. The Wantlands & Tolands were entertained by the whole process—and the whole event.

David has won races here in a variety of race cars—but none were as fast as the Audi. He was faster his second run — but the others were much faster. We now had a good idea of which cars in our class were more prepared than ours. Wayne shoved me back into the Audi and we drove 438 miles to South Carolina. Unfortunately our daughters and grandkids went home. But we looked forward to seeing more later.

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2011 OLOA Update 5

Monday, May 2 – Carolina Motorsports Park, Kershaw, SC

AM: 30th overall of the 73.     PM: DNF Did Not Finish!

David ran here before. CMP can use different layouts. The morning event used a layout David didn't like; he was preparing us for the mid-pack score.

The afternoon run was on the track David liked. As he started his 2nd of 3 laps, the Turbo Hose came off! The Audi limped back to the pit lane. It was his first DNF in 22 years! Wayne reattached the hose, David pulled me in and we drove to Greer 154 miles away.

BMW Performance Center, Greer, SC

PM: 38th overall of the 73 cars.

David studied the map on the way. As we were going through registration, our daughter & granddaughters — Aimee, Abby & Sami Marson—arrived. David had a cheering section; Wayne teased them for arriving AFTER HE got us unloaded — BROTHERS! We collected our box meals, reloaded, said goodbye to the "Girls", and drove 479 miles to Florida.

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2011 OLOA Update 6

Tuesday, May 3 – Daytona International Speedway, FL

AM: 32nd overall of the 73 cars.     PM: 34th overall of the 73 cars.

Because 1 Lap ran Daytona in 2009 before the track got repaved, David was glad to have the faster car to drive this time. He came back from the 1st run talking about: the fastest speed per the GPS, 149 mph, but didn't know where it happened; having to shift on the banking; 149 mph; shifting on the banking, again at the other end of the track; 149 mph, not sure he was comfortable at that speed; and he had to shift on the banking. We sent him to talk with others. By lunch time he was planning to go faster his second run. It was hotter for the second 3-lap run was 2 seconds SLOWER — he didn't do 150 mph. I got shoved into the Audi for the 116 mile drive to Gainesville.

Gainesville Raceway

Drag: 59th overall of the 73 cars.      Bracket: 7th (tie) overall of the 73 cars.

Wayne, the alternate driver, drove here. LAST! MISSED SHIFTS BOTH RUNS! (I must reconsider driving assignments.) I got shoved/pulled in for the 607 mile drive to Louisiana, dreading more hot and humid weather.

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2011 OLOA Update 7

Wednesday, May 4 – Circuit Grand Bayou, LA

AM: 25th overall of the 73 cars.      PM: 24th overall of the 73 cars.

The 1 Lap was here twice before. It was very hot and humid the first time, then hot and raining the second time. This time the temperature was mid 70's with low humidity—it was nice! David liked the weather enough to score in the mid twenties. I was pulled into the Audi to drive 429 miles to Alabama. Because we started off earlier in the day we saw the tornado damage on our way.

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2011 OLOA Update 8

Thursday, May 5 – Barber Motorsports Park, AL

AM: 32nd overall of the 73 cars.      PM: 32nd overall of the 73 cars.

It was the first 1 Lap visit to Mr Barber's track. It is gorgeous; great layout and landscaping, good paving, and elevation changes with blind apexes! TV didn't do it justice. David said that after 50 more laps he might learn it. Wayne was there for motorcycle races, he didn't want to try riding or driving it. I was shoved into the Audi for the 691 mile drive to Illinois. We saw rivers flooded up to house roofs on our way.

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2011 OLOA Update 9

Friday, May 6 – Audubon Country Club, IL

AM: 31st overall of the 73 cars.      PM: 30th overall of the 73 cars.

Audubon has 2 layouts to use; 1 Lap was here before but never used the short course. David had no excuses to use — except that he didn't like to drive the morning short course! So, he did better in the afternoon. Wayne & David shoved/pulled me in for the 105 mile drive back to South Bend. We were back to the host motel before dinner. After checking in, we met with everyone for the "happy we finished another hour".

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2011 OLOA Update 10

Saturday, May 7 – South Bend, IN, Tire Rack Dry Skid Pad:

29th overall of the 73 cars.

For the Dry Skid pad, cars run in order from 73rd place scorer to 1st place scorer. David lined up in 30th but some near him were inspired to "beat the station-wagon," so they did.

While the faster cars ran, David & Wayne moved things from the Audi back to our car for the trip home. We went inside to find seats for the banquet.

OLOA Awards Banquet: 30th overall of the 73 cars; 4th of the 11 Mid Priced Sedan class.

We knew our finish position by the time the buffet line opened. Reg was happy but we felt we could have done better. David & Wayne wanted a better finish for my 25th, I was glad that they kept reloading me when were done at tracks. Midway through the awards presentation, emcee Brock paused to present a special award. One Lap of America presented to me for my 25 years as a 1 Lap competitor, a very nice mantle clock, and a bottle of champagne. Everyone stood and applauded. A microphone was handed to me. I thanked everyone then told them "I was the primary driver when I started competing; now I'm excess baggage!" The microphone was passed back and the awards continued. We shared the champagne with our "Noble" tablemates; Reg and Eric in the Porsche were 35th overall; Bill and Dwight in the VW were 8th overall. After the awards we went to the cars for a "Noble" group photo. I got loaded in our car for ride home. On the way, we realized that we forgot take an LCMS team photo! We'll have to try again next year.

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